This was made for ToJam 2021 but I wasn't able to finish in time - life got in the way - so I decided to finish it in my spare time!

The point of the game is to try to survive for as long as possible feeding your three newborn babies. As they sleep, their hunger builds. When they become fully hungry, they start to cry. Feed them to lower their hunger to zero. When they have eaten all they can, they need to be burped before going to sleep. If you burp them in time, you get a bonus few seconds after they fall asleep before they start getting hungry again, if not, then their hunger bar starts filling up immediately after falling asleep.

Your bar at the top of the screen indicates how much time you have left with a baby being hungry. Multiple hungry babies = faster drain on the bar. So feed those babies fast! (Note: the bar only lowers if you have a hungry baby that's not being fed).

Remember, you are trying to last as long as possible, but you will lose eventually!


  • You can only feed 2 babies at once. (You only have 2 hands after all)
  • Feed and burp buttons are different for each baby (Q,E, & T, and A, D, & G).
  • Try to burp a fully fed baby as quickly as possible.
  • Try to last as long as possible.

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