This game was made in my spare time during the Bigmode Game Jam 2023. The theme was: Mode.

Game background

You need to learn how to stand up!

Press any button to rotate that body part.

Pressing it again will change the rotation direction.

All body part begin rotating clockwise.


Body PartLeftRight
Upper armQO
Lower legSL
Back to main menuEsc

How did I incorporate the theme?


nounmodeplural nounmodes

  1. 1. a way or manner in which something occurs or is experienced, expressed, or done.
    1. "his preferred mode of travel was a kayak"

Learning how to stand is a work of art. It requires coordination of many different body parts in perfect locomotion. For a baby, this is no simple task.

Standing is a new way in which a baby experiences the world and it leads into new ways of moving around and getting things done. I focused on using the theme in this way to simulate how a baby experiences and learns new ways of being.


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Growing Up 30 MB

Development log


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Getting some NullReferenceExceptions in firefox.

Fun stuff.  17.61 from crawling, 17.36 from stomach.

Glad you enjoyed it, despite the issues with Firefox.


very hard and weird... i love it

Thanks for the compliment :) Glad you loved it